Mortgages in The Wave of Financial Crisis

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The owners, a time happy to think that their properties are valued from season to season have now fallen from above.

Those who have not dropped their prices to sell more than 5% have still not sold in the last 2 years! Only those who agreed to return to realistic prices have managed to conclude.

Buyers who had been persuaded by professionals, realtors and notaries, agreeing to pay exorbitant prices, justified by “The quality of the product! , Or the prospect of capital gain on resale have become more cautious now. The expectation is the rule. They may, however, at current prices good seize opportunities, not for speculative purposes, but acquire a quality family use.

Read reviews in the press these last few weeks we can expect a slight release of the market but nothing is won. We always ask a number of issues.
Prices have dropped sufficiently to consider that the market is cleaned up?

How to restart the market?

We must consolidate the new equilibrium point between supply and demand.

Our advice to sellers.
• Forget the overly high prices that are charged, particularly in 2005 and 2006, following a collective aberration. These excessive prices are the main cause of the slowdown and the downturn of the market we know today
• Do not lower your price by 3% every 3 months. The psychological effect is disastrous.
• Set a realistic price again and you will stand firm.
• Discard any notion of surplus value, it is no longer seasonal
• Be patient, the lure of the sea will survive the crisis, buyers will return.

Meanwhile we are at your disposal to present your property to its fair price at a selection of the 2,000 potential buyers that we have on file. They do not decide now, they wait for prices to fall! But they continue to visit our website They will buy tomorrow.

Our advice to buyers:
• The market you are very favorable. Will you benefit? • Have you analyzed your motivation to purchase a residence for your retirement? Holiday house for your children receive? House with workshop to perform a particular activity? Have you deducted clearly your selection criteria?
• Do not look too great. Your child, even if you are attached, may not come rarely to see you all together and it will maintaining the house and garden all year long!
• Adjust your claim to your finances under penalty of being refused the loan you need for your purchase.
• Beware of houses “Blow of Heart ‘
• When you find not necessarily the house of your dreams but the house you want, if you asked the price seems reasonable to avoid you engage in exaggerated claims discount.
• If the asking price for the home you want to buy you seem prohibitive, do not hesitate to make an offer to purchase price of your estimate. This will be our job to get it accepted by the seller.
• Do not wait. If you’ve found the home that suits you, you must decide. In 5 years you will remember more if you paid 10% more or less, by cons you may regret to have long missed a home that suits you.

Strategy Paris Province. The method “as if” we continue our estate agent’s work “as if” sellers and buyers, leading market participants, would regain the right, “as if” the market was going to restart on an improved basis. Tomorrow as yesterday, our role will be to reach a deal to bring the parties on what we believe to be the right price.


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