Mortgages in The Wave of Financial Crisis

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The owners, a time happy to think that their properties are valued from season to season have now fallen from above.

Those who have not dropped their prices to sell more than 5% have still not sold in the last 2 years! Only those who agreed to return to realistic prices have managed to conclude.

Buyers who had been persuaded by professionals, realtors and notaries, agreeing to pay exorbitant prices, justified by “The quality of the product! , Or the prospect of capital gain on resale have become more cautious now. The expectation is the rule. They may, however, at current prices good seize opportunities, not for speculative purposes, but acquire a quality family use.

Read reviews in the press these last few weeks we can expect a slight release of the market but nothing is won. We always ask a number of issues.
Prices have dropped sufficiently to consider that the market is cleaned up?

How to restart the market?

We must consolidate the new equilibrium point between supply and demand.

Our advice to sellers.
• Forget the overly high prices that are charged, particularly in 2005 and 2006, following a collective aberration. These excessive prices are the main cause of the slowdown and the downturn of the market we know today
• Do not lower your price by 3% every 3 months. The psychological effect is disastrous.
• Set a realistic price again and you will stand firm.
• Discard any notion of surplus value, it is no longer seasonal
• Be patient, the lure of the sea will survive the crisis, buyers will return.

Meanwhile we are at your disposal to present your property to its fair price at a selection of the 2,000 potential buyers that we have on file. They do not decide now, they wait for prices to fall! But they continue to visit our website They will buy tomorrow.

Our advice to buyers:
• The market you are very favorable. Will you benefit? • Have you analyzed your motivation to purchase a residence for your retirement? Holiday house for your children receive? House with workshop to perform a particular activity? Have you deducted clearly your selection criteria?
• Do not look too great. Your child, even if you are attached, may not come rarely to see you all together and it will maintaining the house and garden all year long!
• Adjust your claim to your finances under penalty of being refused the loan you need for your purchase.
• Beware of houses “Blow of Heart ‘
• When you find not necessarily the house of your dreams but the house you want, if you asked the price seems reasonable to avoid you engage in exaggerated claims discount.
• If the asking price for the home you want to buy you seem prohibitive, do not hesitate to make an offer to purchase price of your estimate. This will be our job to get it accepted by the seller.
• Do not wait. If you’ve found the home that suits you, you must decide. In 5 years you will remember more if you paid 10% more or less, by cons you may regret to have long missed a home that suits you.

Strategy Paris Province. The method “as if” we continue our estate agent’s work “as if” sellers and buyers, leading market participants, would regain the right, “as if” the market was going to restart on an improved basis. Tomorrow as yesterday, our role will be to reach a deal to bring the parties on what we believe to be the right price.

About Loan and Mortgage Refinance

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The Acquisition credit may well be the solution to your money problem.
Yes because he can afford to pay up to 70% less interest and fees. The purchase of credit allows you to have a single payment, so you have a single fee and one interest payable.

Imagine having loans at 10 different locations. You have 10 processing fee, 10 both interest and above all, a great installment every month.
By cons, if you put all your debt at the same place, you can spread your payment over time, what settings you have more money in your pockets.

With this money, you can choose if you want to pay your loan faster or if you are investing to make more money than the amount of your loan costs you.

Several company offers service Refinance, you will be very easy for you to do an analysis to determine which is the best place for your situation.

Certain company specializing in the acquisition of personal credit, the other for the purchase of commercial or agricultural credit. In short no matter your situation, you can find what suits you.

To determine if you need a credit purchase, simply answer these questions:

Do you get to meet your deadlines? Or, if over time you find they have become too high?

Are more and more often you are forced to borrow to pay for another account?

Your budget is more and more unbalanced? (Speaking very sure that your expenses reach a level beyond the logical address entered your money).

Do you feel that you no longer have quality of life?

And did you feel that the more you try something, the better your situation deteriorates and there is no longer really end?

If this is your case, I invite you to inform the acquisition of credit as soon as possible. This is your quality of life depends on it …

Getting Low Rate Mortgage

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For the month of July 2009, the Housing Credit Monitoring / CSA found that the average rate (nominal rate excluding insurance) the mortgage is 3.96% down to 18 points (the average of June to stood at 4.14%).

The average has fallen 119 points since November 2008, the average rose from 5.15% to 3.96% in July 2009. This decrease of about 120 points corresponds to lower monthly payments by about 10%.

The mortgage market is becoming attractive again.

The outlook for late 2009 early 2010:

1. Renegotiation of mortgages underwritten in 2008

Currently, we think that the majority of the decline is over, however, the economic environment remains still uncertain rates could remain at that level for some time. This fact encourages households having a mortgage agreed in 2008 (credit conditions are less favorable) to renegotiate their mortgage.

Several solutions are available to households to renegotiate their credit:
– Please contact their bank and try to negotiate a more favorable rate
– To compete with various agencies to obtain better conditions
– Applying for a mortgage broker who has the mission to offer the best conditions for his client.

Through a broker, usually in 48 hours an agreement is reached and the process is completed in about a month.

2. Massive recurrence rates vary

Chatel law that strengthened the legislation around the floating rate will allow them to recur fairly massive. Indeed, the gap between variable rates and fixed rates can reach 150 basis points within the same bank. Depending on its level of indebtedness, the borrower will often be unique opportunity to purchase a floating rate loan for funding. But the fact of subscribing to a variable rate may be quite positive in that the rate is capped between 1 and 2.

Taking Mortgage Assistance ?

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Want to build to build or renovate or buy a property in Wallonia?

Have you Ready Springboard?

He replaces since 1 January 2009 the “young loan.

It is an aid granted by the Walloon Region to anyone wishing to enter into a mortgage with a credit agency contracted for the purpose of:
Building a new home, renovate and buy an existing home, or just buy a house already exists.

What is the support of the Walloon region?

The intervention of the Walloon Region consists of a grant of EUR 100 per month for the first two years of the loan and EUR 50 per month for six years.

Further support may be combined with other awards granted by the Walloon region, such as premiums for construction and other benefits such as free insurance against loss of income ….

What are the requirements to qualify for the loan Springboard?

Borrowers can be alone or together, owners or beneficial owners of all of another home, or have been during the two years preceding the signing of the deed of loan (except a dwelling or unimproved uninhabitable).

The dwelling must be situated in the Walloon Region.

In addition to receiving the loan, borrowers undertake a period of 8 years to occupy the property draws a principal residence and / or affect housing in order for the main dwelling.

How to get the aid proposed by the Walloon region?

The loan applicants must apply to a credit agency mortgage agreement which you set up a folder that will be subsequently transmitted to the Department of Housing.