Choosing Online Broker

June 7, 2009 by  
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It is necessary to make a mix of his personal priorities to choose a broker who is both the most efficient in terms of management tools, the cheapest and most generous with information. Rates vary from one broker to another, both in terms of transaction fees at the level of care costs and subscription services …

Compare and find the intermediate cheaper becomes increasingly complicated. The pricing plans are complex enough to get lost. Many packages and packages available. The rates usually vary according to size of orders means that you make and the number of monthly orders rose. This usually involves a fixed and a variable part. Also some dealers display prices excluding taxes. In summary the most competitive broker will not be the same after the investor profile. Establish a check list is required.

Account opening: free or not. What is the minimum required?

Service Access: Is there a limit to the Internet or is it possible to pass his order by phone?

What type of products can I trade? Purchase sale of French equities, warrants, bonds, …

Round trip is made in intraday billed? (in a single day of trading)