What Is Hedge Funds Btw?

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Similar to mutual funds but much more risky hedge funds do not stick with their name. Literally translated as follows, “hedge funds”, they are far from risk-free. Indeed, the management of these funds is not restrictive and allows more aggressive strategies: use leverage, short position, alternative products, structured products, arbitrage and derivatives. These funds accrue primarily to temporary market anomalies to earn money.

Launched in the middle of last century, these investments have shown a growing interest in advancing dramatically in the last decade. Often managed from offshore centers – the Cayman Islands head-on, lack of regulation of these funds allows managers enjoy greater freedom of action than traditional managers. The downside and they are at once transparent and less susceptible to fraud.

Taking Mortgage Assistance ?

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Want to build to build or renovate or buy a property in Wallonia?

Have you Ready Springboard?

He replaces since 1 January 2009 the “young loan.

It is an aid granted by the Walloon Region to anyone wishing to enter into a mortgage with a credit agency contracted for the purpose of:
Building a new home, renovate and buy an existing home, or just buy a house already exists.

What is the support of the Walloon region?

The intervention of the Walloon Region consists of a grant of EUR 100 per month for the first two years of the loan and EUR 50 per month for six years.

Further support may be combined with other awards granted by the Walloon region, such as premiums for construction and other benefits such as free insurance against loss of income ….

What are the requirements to qualify for the loan Springboard?

Borrowers can be alone or together, owners or beneficial owners of all of another home, or have been during the two years preceding the signing of the deed of loan (except a dwelling or unimproved uninhabitable).

The dwelling must be situated in the Walloon Region.

In addition to receiving the loan, borrowers undertake a period of 8 years to occupy the property draws a principal residence and / or affect housing in order for the main dwelling.

How to get the aid proposed by the Walloon region?

The loan applicants must apply to a credit agency mortgage agreement which you set up a folder that will be subsequently transmitted to the Department of Housing.