Miscellaneous Ramblings in Forex Trading

November 8, 2009 by  
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Figures, curves, risks, losses, gains, a language … it is not so simple to invest and make money in the Forex market!

But what is it that Forex? When you travel, when a government must pay foreign invoices when a company acquires a property abroad, it must pay in local currency. For the local currency, it must exchange its own currency in foreign exchange. The currency market has also become the first financial market in the world with over one trillion dollars traded each day.

The Forex is the international market where sold and bought currencies 24/24, 5 / 7. It is possible to earn money between the time you buy dollars and when you claims or vice versa, you also earn money from the time you sell dollars and the time you redeem short, you can save on rising or falling dollar, euro, yen … but it is a choice to make a very precise moment, a minute, depending on analysis, statistics, numbers , curves! The specialist speculate on the Forex via 2 main analysis: fundamental analysis and graphical analysis, this is a long learning, do not overestimate your abilities, control your emotions.

You have capital and want it grows a little, why not make a good operation with a multiplier of 2 or 3 hours. Yes but now you can also be losses with the same multiplier if your strategy is wrong or if you failed to halt your operation in time to completely control the risk.

We want to act alone to have rapid and substantial gains without the “medium” Brokeur. Yes but it takes a market experience of three to four years to know properly analyze data and act quickly. It must also contain specific language properly as the pit, spread, bid, ask, srd, shorts, vad … The Forex is nevertheless a very dangerous market to which it alone approach, even through private trading platform via Internet.

To minimize risks, there are financial companies that act as online intermediaries, featuring a team of professionals and experts in investment in major currency markets, and whose function is to provide investors access to market currency without the need to have knowledge of this market and make great investments. You invest money with the least amount varies from $ 50 to $ 5000 there and ‘group’ of members of registered capital, which still represents for the company that manages your capital, hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each month are assigned to their team of professionals and experts who can properly analyze data and use leverage. These companies can save you 14 to 21% every month.